Best Places to Buy Manga in Tokyo in 2023


Book-Off is a chain of stores that sells used books, including manga. While they don’t have as wide a selection as Kinokuniya or Mandarake, they do offer some great deals on used manga. You can find volumes for as low as 100 yen, and they often have sales and discounts. They also have a good selection of manga in English, which is a plus for non-Japanese speakers. If you’re on a budget or looking for some bargains, Book-Off is a great option. SUPER CHEAP.


Mandarake is a chain of stores that specializes in manga, anime, and other collectibles. They have several locations throughout Tokyo, but the Akihabara store is the most famous. Mandarake is a paradise for manga fans, with shelves upon shelves of manga, doujinshi, and other rare items. You can find both new and used manga at Mandarake, and their prices are competitive. If you’re looking for hard-to-find titles, Mandarake is the place to go.


Kinokuniya is one of the largest bookstores in Japan, and it has several locations throughout Tokyo. They have an extensive manga section that includes a wide range of genres, from shonen and shojo to yaoi and yuri. You can find both new releases and classic titles at Kinokuniya, and their prices are reasonable. They also have a large selection of art books, magazines, and merchandise related to manga and anime.


The classic. Animate is a popular chain of stores that sells manga, anime, and merchandise. The stores are known for their bright and colorful decor, and often host events and special promotions. Can be hard to navigate, but worth it when looking for that most elusive volume. These stores are in most big hubs, especially the ones with geek infamy.


Just because it looks like a vanilla bookstore from the front, doesn’t mean it isn’t stuffed with manga at the back! Tsutaya is a chain of bookstores with a great selection of manga, as well as books, music, and movies. The stores are designed to be relaxing and welcoming, with comfortable seating areas and cafes where you can relax and read.

Can I find English-language manga books in Tokyo?

You can find English-language manga books in Tokyo. Several bookstores and retailers, such as Kinokuniya, offer a selection of manga books in English. In addition, many Japanese bookstores have a section for foreign books, including English-language manga. However, the selection may be limited, and not all titles may be available in English.

Buying Manga in Japan Online

Yes, it is possible to buy manga online in Japan. There are several online retailers that specialize in manga, such as CDJapan, Amazon, Yahoo Auctions and YesAsia. In addition, many Japanese bookstores and retailers have online stores where customers can purchase manga books and other merchandise. However, shipping costs may vary depending on the retailer and the customer’s location. Good luck!

Konbini – Convenience Stores

Family Mart, Lawson, Seven Eleven and the rest. As well as stocking your edition of Shounen Weekly Jump, they also sell collected volumes of popular manga. IT can be select stores that stock these books, so manage your expectations when heading in. Saying that, I’ve managed to pick up door-wedge thick triple volume books of hunter x hunter a few times. Give it a go.

Tips for Visiting Manga Stores in Tokyo

While many stores in Tokyo accept credit cards, some smaller stores may only accept cash. It’s a good idea to bring some yen with you, just in case. Though, you’ll probably be fine with contactless cards, including IC.

When shopping for manga in Tokyo, it’s important to be respectful of the stores and other customers. Don’t eat or drink while browsing, and be careful not to damage the books. If you’re not sure about something, ask a staff member for help.

Manga stores in Tokyo can get crowded, especially on weekends and holidays. To avoid the crowds and ensure that you have the best selection of manga, try to get to the stores early in the day. It can even be hard to get through a Bookoff at midday, as the aisles are usually filled with lurkers, standing and powering through volumes.





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